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Our History

Wiederholt's Supper Club... preserving a local, family tradition.

    Today, in its fourth generation of family ownership, Wiederholt's Supper Club has undergone transformations, but one thing has stayed the same: the importance of maintaining a family-owned and operated business. Wiederholt's saw its start as an idea from George Wiederholt in the late 1920's. His vision was fulfilled when the business first opened as a grocery store, tavern and filling station. George and his wife, Kate, had one child named Sylvester Wiederholt, whom many called Cy. When Cy became a young man he joined the military. After Cy returned home to Miesville from the service, he took a hand in the family business and started working with his father. 


     In 1946, Cy married Harriet Weber and soon they were starting a family of their own while keeping up with the business. Cy had an attraction to change and while pursuing other entrepreneurial opportunities, 

such as W&W Novelty and Vendrite Inc, the thought of serving food at the establishment turned into reality. The switch to becoming a restaurant was such a success after the first few years, it seemed natural to close down the grocery store and convert that space into another dining room. 


      By 1961, the grocery store, tavern and filling station had transformed into a Supper Club, in the hands of Cy and Harriet. However, the ownership changed sooner than expected when Cy had to sell the restaurant in 1971 due to health concerns. In July of 1972, Cy passed away from a heart attack. Later that year, Harriet resumed ownership over the restaurant. Luckily, she had two sons in college, Charlie and John, who offered to help their mother run the business. 

The two brothers were met with success. In 1977, they bought the restaurant from Harriet. For 37 years you would find Charlie behind the bar, John in the kitchen and see Harriet and her daughter-in law, Cheryl, as the friendly faces greeting customers coming into the establishment.

Wiederholt's Today

Charlie and Cheryl's children (Jesse and his wife Becky, Jenny and her husband Mike) are continuing to operate with the same business focus to serve great food with great customer service. 

Interested In Becoming Part of The Crew?

View our open positions below and apply today!


Prepare all served food. Plan food production to coordinate with meal serving hours...


Provide high-quality customer service in a fast-paced environment...


Greet guests as they enter the restaurant and thank them as they leave...


Preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for bar and patrons...

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